About Love + Water

As most wonderful things do, it began with love!

Of the beach, of the ocean, and of each other. Our initial business goal was to eventually work together so we could spend as much time as possible in the company of one another and have the freedom to explore. It turned out photography offered us that luxury, so we grabbed opportunities or made them happen in order to grow our business together. Adam began photographing empty waves and surfers years ago and has been drawn to the ocean his entire life. I started photographing weddings in 2011 and found joy in documenting the interaction between family and couples. In Australia we operated two separate businesses, Sunshine SurfSafari and Sabra Creative. Adam had already been helping me out shooting weddings for quite a while, so just before moving to Maui, we decided to further simplify our lives by combining our businesses and forming Love + Water Photography. We thought of the name while lying awake in bed one night during a visit to my parents in Chicago, dreaming aloud about a future gallery. The name came to us at the same time, we got goosebumps, it was perfect.

Over the years we have evolved, now catering to fun loving couples who love the great outdoors. We photograph sessions at sunrise and sunset, working with the endless beauty that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. It is our mission to provide outstanding service and keep our hearts in the right place to ensure we never tire of the very thing that has brought us closer to one another. Love + Water has given us the opportunity to grow together and enjoy a gift, and we want to pay it forward to you.





We’re Shawn and Adam, a husband and wife duo based on Maui and specializing in beach and water portraiture. Before meeting one another our restlessness led us to some pretty spectacular places. Then we found each other, and ten years after that life-changing event we continue to lead our family where our hearts take us, continue writing our journey, and continue to be excited about what lay ahead. Every story has a beginning…

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